About us

Acme Club is a brand that strives to inspire and empower individuals and communities to reach their highest potential. A core belief of ours is that we are interconnected with the world around us, and that our environment plays a significant role in shaping our behaviour. 


We recognize that as individuals, we have the power to influence our environment just as much as it influences us. We want to spread the understanding that we can actively contribute to spaces around us in a way which elevates them, rather than accepting things as the status quo. We are all collaborators of our social settings. 


The language we use and the words we see and hear can influence our thoughts, emotions and behaviours. Research has shown that exposure to achievement-oriented words such as "success," "win," and "achieve" can increase motivation and performance on tasks. For example, in one study, participants who were exposed to success-related words before taking a test performed better than those who were not exposed to these words.  


Now this is all well and good, but how do we make this more tangible, what will help us achieve these aims? 


This information is part of what has inspired us to create this brand. What happens when we take the words of a Prophet, and introduce them as part of our environment? Of course, just one hood or tote is not enough to change our lives, but perhaps it will help cause a cascade in behaviour change, inspiring us to turn towards the Sun of Truth so that we may grow through its radiance.


 Why Acme?

The word 'acme' can be defined as the point at which something is at its best or most highly developed. We want to inspire others to reach their acme.

None of us have reached our acme and success is not certain, however it is in our constant effort to push beyond our boundaries and expand our capacities, to conquer ourselves and make the most out of our time in this world, that is what it means to be apart of the Acme Club. Success to us is more than material, it is tied to the depth and strength of character we develop.  


The physical world is limited. But we believe you are a bit more special than that. The only thing that can limit you is your mind, you define your own limits! In this light, approaching the acme is a lifelong journey. 

With your support, we aim to create products in the future which align with these beliefs, coming up with creative and trendy designs which we hope you will enjoy, and continue to improve our products to affect positive change internally and externally. 


We are currently working on connecting with local social action initiatives, so that we can use some of the profits generated and contribute it to such a cause.